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Sleep Study

What is a Sleep Study?

Sleep studies allow doctors to measure how much and how well you sleep. Sleep Study also help show whether you have sleep apnea or other sleep problems and how severe they are. Sleep test is important because untreated sleep apnea and sleep disorders can increase your risk of, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and other medical conditions. Sleep disorders also have been linked to an increased risk of injury due to falls and car accidents. Approximately 85% of patients are never diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. Being tested for sleep disorders is extremely easy!

The most common sleep studies are:

Polysomnogram is a test that records several body functions during sleep, including brain activity, eye movement, oxygen and carbon dioxide blood levels, heart rate and rhythm, breathing rate and rhythm, the flow of air through your mouth and nose, snoring, body muscle movements, and chest and belly movement.

Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT). This test measures how long it takes you to fall asleep. It also determines whether you enter REM sleep.

Maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT). This test measures whether you can stay awake during a time when you are normally awake.

What to expect during a Sleep Study?

Once you arrive at the Sleep Center, you will meet with our Registered Sleep Professional. You will complete a short bedtime questioner, and then you’re Sleep Professional will review your paperwork with you privately. You will be asked to change into your sleeping attire, use the restroom, and then you will be escorted into your private bedroom, where the technologist will prepare you for the sleep study by preparing your skin for the attachment of a number of electrodes, sensors, and cables that are used for data recording. After the hookup is complete, you will speak with the technologist through a two-way intercom system in the room, and calibration procedures will now take place to confirm that proper and accurate connections and signals are being acquired between you and the Polysomography diagnostic equipment. After the sleep study is complete, you will be asked to complete a post sleep questioner, and then be released from the sleep center.

How do I prepare for my Sleep Study?

Please make sure you shower/bathe before you come to the sleep center, please do not use any conditioner, hair products, oils or lotions on your skin.

What time do I need to arrive, and what time will go home?

Please arrive at the sleep center promptly at 7:30PM, and you will be released between 5:00 and 5:30 AM.

What can I wear to my Sleep Study?

Please wear your normal sleeping clothes, some examples are: Pajamas, T-Shirt, shorts. You will be required to wear clothing for everyone’s privacy.


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